Where can I rent or charter a party boat?

This is a popular question. The last known party boat on Maui died in 2013, but you have several great options. Do you want to charter a boat with a crew, or do you want to be the captain? Do you want to join a large group, or would you like a more private setting? Here are some ideas on where to go and which companies are suitable for your needs.

Rent a Boat

Rigid Inflatable Boat
Before you go this route, ask yourself one question: Do you drive boats? If you’re experienced, rent. If not, ride.

Sea Escape Boat Rentals is the place to go. They are located in Kihei at 165 Halekuai Street behind Eskimo Candy. They rent rigid inflatable boats and Glacier Bay Renegades that you can use to go fishing, snorkeling, and diving. Don’t worry about renting a big truck to pull the trailer–Sea Escape will do it for you! Just meet them at the boat ramp with your gear and beer. They also rent Volkswagen camping vans. Check them out here.

Charter a Boat

This is easier than renting and piloting the boat yourself. You get a captain and crew, instruction, and drinks. It costs more, but it’s worth it!

S. Maui We like Wailea Boating Company, whose 6-passenger boat is perfect for a family. Their private charters start at $250 per hour. For a larger group, we recommend Blue Water Rafting. Their 24-passenger raft starts at $575 per hour.
W. Maui Check out Wake Maui Boat Adventures for a range of water activities, including wakeboarding, water skiing, snorkeling, whale watching, and sunset cruises. Their half-day bare boat charter is $800.

Book Tickets on a Dinner Cruise

The BIG party boats. These are so cheap and easy that you could do multiple cruises during your stay. If you can find the harbors, then you can get on a boat for less than $100 per person.

S. Maui Look for Ma’alaea Harbor on the map. You can probably spot it across the bay if you are on the beach in Kihei. It’s about 30 minutes from Wailea and 15 to 20 minutes from Kihei. For a fun value cruise, try the Quicksilver.
W. Maui Lahaina Harbor is the anchor of Lahaina Town. Located about 15 minutes south of the resorts of Ka’anapali, the harbor is home to all the big boats. For a value cruise, try Hawaii Ocean Project.

So, there you go, folks. All the information you need to find a party boat on Maui. If you’re experienced, rent. If not, ride.